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pv_trumpetguy's Journal

Band Students
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All Members , Moderated
This is a band student community.

1. You MUST be in band.
2. You must post on topic.
3. Do not be rude.
4. Don't act as if your section is superior to others even if it is. I don't want any fights.
5. You must post here every so often.
6. You must fill out an application.
7. You are not to give out too much personal information in case some nut decides come to your house and murder you. (First names or just nicknames are the ONLY part of your name allowed. No last names WHATSOEVER. If you are going to tell what school you go to and the town it is in or that you are in, then please don't put in the state it is located.)
8. When you fill out your application, you are also making an agreement that you are going to respect and abide by these rules. Here is a copy of the application that you are to fill out and post on here when you are approved:

1. Name (Just the first name/name you usually go by is enough. No last names AT ALL!):
2. Date of Birth:
3. Town you live (Do NOT put what state or province your city or town is located):
4. Name of your school band:
5. Your instrument:
6. Drum major/not drum major:
7. Colorguard/not colorguard:
8. Majorette/not majorette:
9. Section leader/not section leader:
10. Band size:
11. Uniform Colors:
12. Class your band would be in at most competitions your band competes at:
13. Band hosts their own competition/Doesn't host their own competition:
14. What you think of band camp:
15. I like parades/I don't like parades/I sort of like parades:

9. Moderators must enforce ALL of these rules!!!
10. If you cannot say anything nice to another member then do NOT say anything to that member at all.
11. If you are not a moderator and you are having problems with another member, tell me or the moderators I have hired.
12. Please respect my authority and the authority of the moderators that I have slected.
13. Please stay on topic. This is a band community. Let's keep it like that.

(Last revised: June 13, 2004)

Note that rules are subject to change and before each change I will post about it. Thank you.