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Blah so we got 2's at contest. All across the board. The weird thing is we're still going to the championship which doesn't make sense because they take the top 10 bands and the way they do that is by the scores. There were so many bands who got all superiors. I asked my band director how we got selected. He wouldn't tell me. lol. So here are some

Tamara(sophomore, percussion) Courtney(sophomore,colorguard) and Tara(sophomore, percussion) at practice last week.

John(junior, french horn) and Kristen(senior, head drummajor)

Margaret-Ann(freshman, flute) Tiffany (junior, flute) Greg(sophomore, t-bone) and that dude in the back whose name I don't know. I'm not even sure he's in band...he's just always there...

Arlicia (senior, saxophone)...

Lol, wasn't taken at practice but I just love this picture. This is Niara (junior, percussion) She's so awesome.

A.J.(junior, t-bone) forced me to take this picture of him cause he thinks he's so hard and so cute. lol

This is Millicent.(junior, trumpet) She is also a cheerleader.

Okay...on the far left: Oceania(sophomore, flute) Tiffany, Candice(freshman, french horn) Co-Coa(junior, clarinet)then there's me and then Margaret-Ann, then Greg and then A.J. On the back is Shonda(senior, sax) and Perry(freshman, percussion). This was taken yesterday afternoon in the band hall before we all left for a game. We lost but it still alot of fun. :)


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