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I quit...

Lord have mercy what a sorry excuse for a first game. Now granted we always lose to South Pike but our team is better this year and I had(emphasis on that word) high hopes for them. We lost 26-13. Not was bad as we lost last year.

Anyway, unlike their football team South Pike is notorious for having a bad band. It's always been a joke between ppl at my school and ppl at South Pike. They got the football team and we got the band. Anyway they lived up to their reputation. Sounded a hot mess. All you could hear was their base drummers, this trumpet trying to scream, and a one trombone. That's it.

We on the other hand sounded alright. Not nearly as well as we've played in the past. We lost so many awesome seniors last year. Mostly trumpet players. Our trumpet section is struggling but it's not like their beginners. They can play when they want to. Last night was an example of that. We did mess up one to many times though. Mostly freshman errors. Not knowing when to cut off, not knowing their music, not knowing when to stop on the field. Things like that. But we sounded good I think. The field was a different story. What is so hard about standing at attention? I ask you. Upperclassmen were acting like they had never marched a show in their life. The opener was fine. At the end of it a drummajor was supposed to call an about face. And she did. But only half the band could hear her so if you can imagine that. But overall, it was the first game. That's all I can say. We had alot of fun and got krunk. No doubt about that.

Now, South Pike has a new band director. He went to Alcorn State University. Alcorn is a S.W.A.K. band and they are awesome. Our band director went to Jackson State University. Same story with them. Jackson State and Alcorn are rivals just like us and South Pike. So keep that in mind. Anyway, the difference is we don't march the type of style JSU and Alcorn do. They would shut down our band program if we did that. Technically South Pike isn't allowed to do that either. But they sure did do it anway. Their whole field show consisted of them playing a beat and shaking everything their mama gave them. It was soooo nasty. Their drummajors looked so retarded trying to copy what the drummajors on Drumline did. Ya know when they run down the field turn around in the air and do a split? That's what their drummajors tried to do and bless their heart they jacked it up. I was thinking "What are they doing?" What they were doing was the same thing Alcorn did on the field at Battle of the Bands last year. I hate it when highschool bands try to imitate these colleges. I hate it even worse when they jack it up.*sigh* But it was only the first game. Next week is the first home game so I know it'll be better.

So I'm sorry that was so long. I am highly upset and disappointed...
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