D.J. (pv_trumpet) wrote in pv_trumpetguy,

last night

Well it was our first game which by the way we beat Lee High 48 to 0.

Lee High's band? Their marching was downright horrible. Most of their band walked out of step. They did a Ray Charles Tribute. When their school first opened in 1989 they always played Georgia on My Mind. They play the same songs all the time.

Our performance was decent. The beginning of the second song was ridiculous though. My solo went very well. The opener was very well. UVa-Wise's band director watched us. He said he was impressed when I talked to him. I told him the second song needed work. We both agreed that it's only the first game. I tell ya we're gonna be good. We had 80 some last year. This year we have about 65. We are gonna be a good band this year.

Anyone whose football team played last night give us a report on how both bands did.
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