Panda (checkerd_grl16) wrote in pv_trumpetguy,

Hola...Here's my little thingy I filled out...

1. Name (Just the first name/name you usually go by is enough. No last names AT ALL!): Blender(Section nickname) Mai-Tai(What other people call me)
2. Date of Birth:12-22
3. Town you live (Do NOT put what state or province your city or town is located): Torrance
4. Name of your school band: North High Saxon Regiment
5. Your instrument: Trombone for marching season, baritone for concert, trumpet for parade. I'm a brass girl!
6. Drum major/not drum major: Nope
7. Colorguard/not colorguard: Nope
8. Majorette/not majorette: Nope
9. Section leader/not section leader: Well, I'm the unofficial leader. I tell people what to do(When I need to, of course) and they usually listen to me.
10. Band size:60
11. Uniform Colors: White and Blue
12. Class your band would be in at most competitions your band competes at: 2A
13. Band hosts their own competition/Doesn't host their own competition:Nope
14. What you think of band camp: I like it because I get to make friends with new comers and I get to know fellow band people more than the year before.
15. I like parades/I don't like parades/I sort of like parades: I think it's ok. Field shows are better though.
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