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awesome show.

Well well well. Been awhile, eh? I have found a show that would be WONDERFUL to do as a field show. The name of the show is 1945. Really, really, really good. And not just because the musicians playing it are very talented either. The music is beautiful, and it's something the audience will recognize. I dont know about yalls schools, but ours hardly ever plays anything recognizable to a non-band person.

Band kids have a habit of picking things because it showcases our sections (guilty of this) and directors choose music that's well written and will do well at competitions. But what about Friday nights at the games?

The 1945 show is one of the best Ive ever heard, and I know a crowd would love it. Im going to try and persuade our director to attempt it next year, which is rather pointless since Im a senior this year and wont get to perform it, but I'll at least get to watch it.

Hope yall are doing alright. God bless*
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